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E-Ledger, unlike other accounting software commonly used (for example Tally), is custom designed and developed for use in Apartment Associations/ Housing societies.

E-Ledger is designed to perform most of the accounting requirements with remarkable accuracy and easy to use functionality. Some of the salient features are:

The User Interface is simple with no clutter what so ever.

Automatically compute Maintenance charges on Monthly, Quarterly or as desired by the user.

Automatically recalculates the charges at any time if the rates are to be changed.

Generates receipts and vouchers of every transaction with facility to e-mail them to the member.

Generates detailed accounts of members that can be mailed or printed.

Generates various consolidated account summary including list of defaulters which can be mailed. It works as a management tool for the governing body of the association.

A petty cash register is available and the transaction can be monitored through the cash register.

Creates special fund accounts, such as Ganesh Festival, Independence Day celebrations with ease. Generates reports of income and expenses of special funds and brings out summary of the accounts. Association can use it to advice the members though the notice boards. The surplus amount if any can be kept for next year’s use.

Track the contributions by members for say Corpus Fund, Building Fund etc.

Generates summary of income and expenses as on date. Use it to manage income and expenses and to take decision for any changes in any category.

Generates Assets and Liability register.

Generates Bank and Cash register, to help you to verify them with Bank data.

Generates Trial Balance.

Can create up to Three Bank accounts with a feature for transferring amounts between the banks.

And many more…..

Your manger will love the easy to use feature with no clutter in the user interface. E-Ledger is designed with everything you like to have in an accounting solution and it is unique in design.

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