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What E-Ledger can do?

e-Ledger, unlike other accounting software commonly used (for example Tally), is custom designed and developed for use in small and medium-sized Apartment Associations/ Housing societies.

It is developed using Microsoft Access. Microsoft ACCESS is a part of MS office and most people have it on their computer.  However, this application can be worked without Access installed but by installing Access runtime which can be freely downloaded from Microsoft website. Thus it is not required to install a specially designed application on your computer.

It is seen, many small and medium housing association is managed by members of the association on an honorary basis. They find it difficult to track payments of members. They also find difficulty in advising members of their dues, create invoices and sending the invoices to them.

e-Ledger can perform most of these functions automatically, reducing the burden of tracking revenues.

The User Interface is simple with no clutter what so ever.

Automatically compute Maintenance charges on Monthly, Quarterly or as desired by the user.

Generates receipts and vouchers for every transaction with the facility to e-mail to members. Also, send them through SMS. SMS can be used as a reminder to the members of their dues.

Track the contributions by members of say Corpus Fund, Building Fund etc.

And many more…..