What is E-Ledger ?

E-Ledger, unlike other accounting software commonly used (for example Tally), is custom designed and developed for use in Apartment Associations/ Housing societies.

E-Ledger is designed to perform most of the accounting requirements with remarkable accuracy and easy to use functionality. Some of the salient features are:

Simple to Use

The User Interface is simple with no clutter what so ever. E-Ledger is designed with everything you like to have in an accounting solution and it is unique in design.

Powerful Reports

Powerful reports for complete transparency. E-LEDGER generates reports of money collected from members and other income, expenses and special fund collections.

Hassle Free Auditing

Tied up with auditors, eLedger provides for hassle free auditing and return filing.

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Software as a Service

We also provide for Software as a Service.
Most suitable for apartment complexes having no manger on roll. Outsource all the data entry job using our online version & relieve all burdens.

Economical Solution

eLedger can be installed on any number of systems without the need of additional licenses. Needless to say,  ours is the most economical solution.

Save paper & effort !

All the receipts and reports are in PDF format and is mailed to members on their e-mail IDs

Easy Computations

Automatically compute Maintenance charges on Monthly, Quarterly or as desired by the user. Automatically recalculates the charges at any time if the rates are to be changed.

Powerful email feature

Generates receipts and vouchers of every transaction with facility to e-mail them to the member. Also generates detailed accounts of members …

Easy Backup

Easy to backup and easy to restore data so that you migrate to another system easily

eLedger comes with a host of bundled features …

Help your association to better manage the financial accounting with E-Ledger today ! To know how eLedger can help click read more

eLedger Basic Version

Basic version is designed primarily for small and medium sized apartment associations where periodical maintenance and other charges are collected as one item, all clubbing into one payment.

eLedger Advanced Version

Collections can be made for each item separately and accounted accordingly, for example if the member wants to pay for only one item, it can be done.

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