e-Ledger is developed by me. I am involved in managing a medium sized housing society for many years.

Thus I am familiar with all the working, the problems and also solutions. All the expertise has gone into developing a most suitable computer programme.

This programme is intended for small and medium housing societies or associations; and it is simple to use, but enough for running an  association, some features such as double entry tax calculations etc. are not made available in my software programme since these features are for the advanced users done by professional accountants.

Small and medium sized apartment associations usually run by its members on honorary basis considering the affordability. In a nutshell, reports are generated for defaulters, month wise payment details collection details block wise etc.

The programme also creates invoices and sends SMS notifications to members. Sending SMS is useful as a reminder to members for payment of maintenance charges.

The cost of the software is kept very low so that most of the associations can make use of the facility.

– A Rajan
(Founder, eLedger)


This is a standalone application. Software is developed on MS ACCESS the best database tool now available from Microsoft. It is available to down load from Microsoft as Office 365 or separately for a small fee. It is a part of MS office.

But the application can run without MS ACCESS on your computer, by installing Access Run time.exe. Access runtime.exe is available free for down load from MS site.

The user interface is very friendly and no expertise is required. Depending on the size of your apartment, you may take about 1-2 hours for initial data entry. You need to provide members name, email ID if you need to mail invoices and mobile number for sending SMS.

Invoices and receipts are mailed to the member and also respective SMS. We have chosen a reliable SMS provider. You can purchase them yourself from another provider of your choice. In that case you may need our help for setting up the system. However if you continue to use the SMS provider we have chosen, you may also receive additional advantage.


  • Calculates due and drawn amounts automatically.
  • Send invoices by mail to all members.
  • Sends sms to remind the due amount.
  • Creates useful reports of payment details.
  • Send sms on receipt of member charges. Relieves the burden of calculations, invoice creation and invoice sending. Most suitable for associations having no paid manager on roll.
  • Sms being a third party application has a small cost by the service provider.

Prerequisites for using the application:

You need to have following installed in your computer.

  1. MSOFFICE with MS access any version.
  2. If MS access is not available, install Accessruntime2007.exe. Available free to down load from Microsoft web site.
  3. A subscription with a reliable SMS provider.(we have already tied up with ……. You may continue to use their service)
  4. Details of members such as mobile number, and email id. Mobile number for SMS and email ID for sending Invoices.
  5. Apartment number, area of apartment (for calculating maintenance charges as per area)
  6. Email ID and password of your association for sending invoices and receipts to members.


Thank you for your interest in eLedger. You can now try eLedger for 3 months. A tutorial as to how to work on the programme is also provided for download. You may also contact me on my mobile number +919980868550 or my email ID rajan.asspl@gmail.com

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